Anita's Careers

Anita Klein

3003 Portofino Isle, Ste. H1

Coconut Creek, FL 33066




Anita's Careers Welcomes all candidates into the 21st century.


As a Life Coach, Career Counselor, Resume Writer, Computer Trainer, Business Consultant and Job Placement Specialist,

Anita helps her clients find their most successful way forward.  Whatever a client's needs, be it a resume, learning the computer or specific applications, setting career goals, job search specifics, or a way to find their life's direction, Anita can set a client on his/her way.


If a client is out of work and needs to find a job, it's probably time to redo his/her resume.  More to the point, a client may need to learn how best to search for a job, get an interview and negotiate a salary.  There is an art to finding a job and a method to getting the "right" job and acceptable salary.  Anita's Careers helps with all things regarding employment.


If a client needs to freshen computer skills, increase knowledge of the computer, learn new programs/applications or get to know the computer for the first time, Anita's Careers is here to help. 



Anita teaches her clients to embrace new and old technology in an easy to learn manner with lessons on the computer, cellphone, Ipod, MP3, etc. Anita's computer training methods help clients in a positive way and encourages them to want to learn more. Clients experience a teaching and counseling method that puts them at ease and makes learning an easy achievement. 


Failure is success turned inside out.


Prospective clients need to ask themselves: Are you on a new life path?  Are you at a crossroad?  Do you need encouragement?  Are you seeking to enhance your skills and abilities?  Are you interested in new career, a different career, or are you not interested in a career at all, but want to learn new technologies or become entrepreneurial?  Do you want to make life more intoxicating? If a prospective client is seeking answers to these and other burning questions then Anita of Anita's Careers will help him/her find the answers.


Speaking to prospective clients I can only say:  Accept Anita of Anita's Careers as your career counselor or life coach and experience new successes as you enter the 21st century and thank you for considering Anita's Careers.